• Pollinator Required ? Yes
  • Type : semi dwarf
  • Characteristics : sweet
  • Mature Height : 12-14 feet
  • Support Required : No
  • Bloom Period : Mid April
  • Sun Exposure : Full Sun
  • Will Produce Fruit In: 3-5 years
  • Harvest Period : Late Aug
  • Soil Type : well drained
  • Zones : 4 - 8

Gala Apple Tree - Malus domestica "Gala" :

The Gala apple blends modern and old-fashioned parentage. The Gala matures to a bright overall red color, with bold red stripes over a yellow background. The fruit is firm, juicy, fine textured, with a yellow white flesh. The Gala is sweet, with a slightly tart flavor. It is a highly coveted apple by the consumer, with great bouquet, flavor and color.

It is aromatic with a very sweet flavor and it has a crisp and firm texture. The Gala ripens early and stores very well (shelf life-6 months in regular storage). The Gala, a fresh fruit delight, is very much in demand for fresh salads and it's got the mild flavor that "picky eaters" prefer and a striking bright yellow-red color that attracts the eye!

The Gala apple tree grows best in Zones 4 to 8. More info on Hardiness Zones

Zone 4  -20 Degrees °F to -30 Degrees °F
Zone 8  +20 Degrees °F to +10 Degrees °F

Gala Apple History

Gala apples were developed in New Zealand in the 1920s by orchardist J.H. Kidd. They are a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Kidd's Orange Red.

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