• Pollinator Required ? Yes
  • Type : semi dwarf
  • Characteristics : tart
  • Mature Height : 12-14 feet
  • Support Required : No
  • Bloom Period : Mid April
  • Sun Exposure : Full Sun
  • Will Produce Fruit In: 3-5 years
  • Harvest Period : Late Oct
  • Soil Type : well drained
  • Zones : 6 - 8

The Granny Smith Apple Tree - Malus domestica "Granny Smith" :

The Granny Smith apples have been cultivated for at least 140 years. Sour apple fans will tell you that the Granny Smith should not be cooked, but eaten raw. If you crave and enjoy a juicy burst of tartness, this apple is for you. This glorious tree has handsome supermarket-size (up to 3" diameter) apples.

Plant these in the yard and you'll be pickin' sweet and hearty apples when the snow flies, because they ripen in early November! That tart flavor really lasts, and stays fresh all winter and spring. Granny Smith is your kind of apple. It is known for keeping its zesty flavor even when it is used for cooking or sautéed.

The Granny Smith apple tree grows best in Zones 6 to 8. More info on Hardiness Zones

Zone 6  -0  Degrees °F to +10 Degrees °F
Zone 8  +20 Degrees °F to +10 Degrees °F

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