• Pollinator Required ? Yes
  • Type : standard
  • Characteristics : semi-sweet
  • Mature Height : 12-14 feet
  • Support Required : No
  • Bloom Period : Mid April
  • Sun Exposure : Full Sun 
  • Will Produce Fruit In: 3-5 years
  • Harvest Period : Early Oct
  • Soil Type : dry, sandy
  • Zones : 4 - 8

The Winesap Apple Tree - Malus domestica "Winesap" :

The Winesap apple is an old apple variety. It is still one of the leading strains being grown in the US. Winesap apples are good for eating, juice, and baking. Juicy and tart, the Winesap apple has a crisp, yellowish flesh covered with a deep red skin. This all-purpose apple has good keeping qualities.

The fruit is good sized. The flesh is tinged with yellow and sometimes red veins run through it. It is a firm, rather coarse, moderately crisp apple with a sprightly, medium acid taste. It is resistant to russeting.

The Winesap apple tree grows best in Zones 4 to 8. More info on Hardiness Zones

Zone 4  -20 Degrees °F to -30 Degrees °F
Zone 8  +20 Degrees °F to +10 Degrees °F

Winesap Apple History

Winesap origin is thought to be from New Jersey. By 1817 it was recorded as an important cider apple in that state. Its popularity has since spread to many other areas. The Winesap remains a popular late-season cider apple.

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